New employer benefit

Your employer has just added a great new benefit that is available to you free of charge to receive a 90-day supply of your medication, directly to your door!

No Co-Pay

No Pre-Auth

Dedicated Nurse

Free and Easy

You will be assigned a dedicated U.S. Registered Nurse to manage your refills.

PriceMDs Treatment Cost Containment

You or a family member may be eligible for this benefit. You will receive the exact same medication and keep your existing treating physician. This benefit waives any co-pay you may be paying every month. You’ll be assigned a dedicated PriceMDs registered nurse that will coordinate the entire process with you.

  • Zero Cost

    Zero cost to patient depending on their benefit plan.

  • Dedicated Nurse Navigator

    Your own personal U.S. licensed Registered Nurse (RN) to help you through the process.

  • No Pre-Authorization

    No monthly pre-authorization or paperwork to determine eligibility.

  • No Obligation

    You may return back to your usual method of refilling medications at any time.

PRICEMDS Treatment Cost Containment

Our gold standard healthcare approach

PriceMDs’ Treatment Cost Containment (TCC) program reduces the cost of specialty medication by sourcing from the same brand manufacturers in the European Union. With TCC, you keep your same physician but also receive a second medical opinion from a U.S. board-certified physician through our telehealth program. Enjoy the convenience of receiving a 90-day supply of your same medication arriving at your doorstep through PriceMDs’ specialty pharmaceutical delivery service.
  • 4+ Million Yearly Imports

    Four million annual imports of medication for personal use by U.S. patients.

  • FDA Approved Medications

    All medications are FDA approved and sourced from the same brand manufacturers.

  • Second Opinion

    TCC is a second opinion program with a U.S. boarded and licensed physician.

PriceMDs Treatment Cost Containment

Getting started

Your employer has added PriceMDs to your benefits. Click “Get Started” to begin the process. You can also contact the PriceMDs Nurse Navigator or wait for them to call, text, or email you to tell you about the program.

Feel free to call directly (813) 489-4892

PRICEMDs Treatment Cost Containment

Patient experience


Nurse navigator call

A PriceMDs registered nurse is assigned to help you through the process. They’ll start your case and send a secure HIPAA release.


Passport book or card

A photocopy of your current or expired passport is required to establish nationality for importation of medications. No travel required!


Telehealth conference

A U.S. licensed physician will consult with you to review your case and prescribe your medication after speaking with you. 


Medications ordered

Your 90-day supply of medication is sourced from an international certified pharmacy.

Medications received

Your medications are delivered to your door within 2-4 days. Any cold chain medications include temperature sensors to ensure quality.



Your PriceMDs nurse navigator follows up with you after you receive your medications to confirm delivery and answer any questions.


TCC is a program that significantly reduces the cost of expensive specialty medications for employers and their members. Approximately 220 specialty medications are available through the program. It is a second opinion program where patients will have live telehealth consultations with U.S. Board Certified, U.S. educated, and U.S. trained physicians. After reviewing your medical records, they will prescribe the same brand medications you are already receiving. A 90-day supply of the medication will be delivered to our home or office after completion of telehealth consultations.

Yes, these are the same brand name medications from the same manufacturers that supply to U.S. pharmacies and healthcare facilities. PriceMDs directly sources these same medications from the European Union.

Members and/or their dependents who are on their employer’s plan and are prescribed a specialty medication. The employer will decide which specialty medications are included in the TCC program.

No, your treatment plan and care will continue with your physician.

Although the patient doesn’t travel, a passport is required to show citizenship for self-importation. A PriceMDs Registered Nurse (RN) will provide details.

Each patient is assigned a PriceMDs dedicated RN. They will manage their patient’s treatment and will contact them approximately 60 days before it is time for their next refill. Just like the initial fill, the dedicated PriceMDs RN will assist the patient every step of the way.

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